Swim Star Swim School status

Hayley’s Swimming School achieved the STAmark in October 2020 and became a Swim Star Swim School. The STA’s Swim Star Swim School programme has been designed to support independent swim schools within the UK and across the globe, to showcase their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, business procedures, teaching and customer service.

As part of the STAmark, we’ve been audited by the STA on our documentation. As part of this we’ve updated our documentation to include:

  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Operating Procedures
  • Documented Systems and Procedures
  • Staffing and Managing Development
  • Site-Specific Environmental Protocols
  • Teaching Swimming Lessons
  • Customer Care
  • Emergency Action Plan

Much of this was already in place, but as part of the STAmark, we’ve made our policies clear on our website here and put in place clear procedures for reporting safeguarding concerns in line with our Safeguarding Policy.