Missing persons policy

Reviewed: 8th June 2022

Missing Persons Statement

Hayley’s Swimming School  is only responsible for swimmers while they are in the water. The changing rooms are supervised by the parents and not the swimming school staff. Siblings are requested to stay with their parents during the lessons. Hayley’s Swimming School is not responsible for any siblings not swimming.

Parents are expected to remain on poolside during their child’s lesson. Exceptional circumstances should be discussed with the owner of the swimming school.

If it was noticed that a child was no longer part of a class:

  • The parent and assistant would be consulted as to their whereabouts. If the child was believed to be missing:
  • The pool would be cleared and the water checked.
  • The registers would be retaken and the children grouped outside while the teachers checked the building.
  • The changing rooms/toilets would be checked by the teacher in charge.
  • The child’s clothes would be checked by the parent and if still there, the child would be presumed to be still in the pool area. If gone, then the parent’s car and surrounding area would be searched and the hiring school alerted.
  • The teachers should organise a search using responsible adults to cover all areas. All those searching should report back to the teacher in charge at a specific location and time.
  • The teach in charge should make a note of events, including a description of the missing child, what they were wearing and where they were last seen for the Police.
  • A report should go to the Police no later than 30 minutes after the young person’s disappearance is noted, even if the search is not complete.
  • During any procedure it is the teacher who is responsible for the children in the water.
  • The teacher takes the register to ensure that all swimmers are accounted for and are out of the building if the situation requires this action.
  • This policy follows the same procedure as for an emergency evacuation procedure.