Stanley – venue guidance

Welcome to Hayley’s Swimming School, below you will find the information you will need when you bring your children for their swimming lessons.

Appropriate swimwear

Please ensure that children are wearing appropriate swimwear. Girls to wear swimming costumes rather than bikinis and boys to wear swimming trunks or tight shorts (the baggy ones just make it harder for them to move through the water). Any long hair tied back and jewellery and watches removed.

Finding us and parking

Stanley School,

Greenbank Drive,


Wirral,CH61 5UE

From Pensby Road, turn into Greenbank Drive and drive right to the end of Greenbank Drive.  You will see the entrance to Pensby Primary School.  Drive into the school and follow the road (one way) round.  On your left you will see the entrance to Stanley School.  There is plenty of parking to your right. 

To get into the pool please enter through the sliding doors at the main entrance to Stanley School and follow the signs to the Swimming Pool. 

When leaving the site please be aware that it is a one way system so carry on in the same direction and exit onto Kentmere Drive (the barrier will lift as your car gets close).

Changing rooms

The changing rooms are available before and after the lessons.  Please note showers are still unavailable.

We have separate changing rooms for our Main pool users (Children’s lessons) and our Hydro pool users (Baby lessons).

If you are accompanying your child into the changing room please take them into the changing room that you would use.  If children are over 8 they should use the correct changing room for themselves.


We use the main pool on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also use the Hydro pool on Thursdays. There is be seating for parents/Guardians on the poolside.

Please do not leave the vicinity whilst your child is having their lesson. 


Your child’s lesson is 30 minutes long and we provide any equipment they may need during the lesson.

We use back floats, arm discs and woggles (or noodles as some people call them!).

We can’t wait to see you at our lessons!



If you have any other questions that I have not covered above do not hesitate to get in touch.

[1] If your child needs to use their own equipment for medical reasons, please contact us before your child’s lesson.