North West COVID-19 Restrictions

From Tuesday 22nd September, new restrictions are being introduced in Merseyside and the Wirral. We completely understand people being worried about the new restrictions being brought in, but we’d like to reassure our customers that this will not affect our swimming lessons and it does not restrict the operation of swimming pools and gyms. Our swimming lessons are also an organised sport, which is not included in the restrictions, and is still covered by specific guidance for Providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities. The best possible way we can continue to make sure our swimming lessons continue to be safe is to remember to…

  1. Sanitise your hands upon entry
  2. Use the NHS Test and Trace QR code
  3. Wear a face covering if you are sitting on poolside or moving around inside the building
  4. Arrive beach-ready if you are getting in the water
  5. Physically distance yourself by 2 metres

We will be introducing a compulsory change to our Test and Trace sign-in, wherefrom Thursday 24th September we will be using the NHS COVID-19 app for our parent and staff sign-in. We will be replacing our QR codes with ones specific to the NHS Test and Trace app.

We would like to stress though, if you are not able to complete the NHS Test and Trace sign-in, please ask a member of staff and they will do this for you. At the moment, the app is still in a trial state. We are awaiting confirmation from the government for when the app goes fully live.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask either Hayley or Andre.

Thank you for your continued support, it really does mean everything to us.

Hayley and team x