Meadowside – Venue Guidance

Welcome to Hayley’s Swimming School; below you will find the information you will need when you bring your children for their swimming lessons.

Appropriate swimwear

Please ensure that children are wearing appropriate swimwear.  Please wear swimming costumes rather than bikinis and swimming trunks or tight shorts (the baggy ones just make it harder for them to move through the water).  Any long hair tied back and jewellery and watches removed.

Finding us and parking


There should be plenty of parking.  If there are no parking bays free in the immediate car park, please turn sharp left the end of the building and there is an overflow car park.

Please do NOT park under the eaves of the building.

When you drive up to the school please drive through the grey gates into the car park, there should be plenty of space.  Please only park in the bays and not under the eaves of the building.  If the immediate car park is full, turn left at the end of the building into the overflow carpark.  Once you have parked, walk back out of the car park, and follow the building round to the right; there you will find the main entrance. 

Please arrive 5/10 minutes before your first lesson to allow for changing and finding your way around the school.  If you can arrive ‘BEACH READY’, please do (Beach ready means a swimming costume/trunks on underneath clothing).

Changing rooms

Walk through the door to the left in the reception area; there will be signs to show you the way.  Follow the signs along the corridor until you get to the benches where you are to remove your shoes. 

Please remember that the school is still a place of work and there will still be teachers working so please keep your children with you while you are waiting.

Shoes must be removed before entering the changing rooms and left under the bench (buggies/prams must be left in the corridor and not taken into the changing rooms). 

Please do not put your shoes back on until you are outside the changing area, there is a bench provided outside the changing rooms.

Once you have changed your child, please sit on the benches on the poolside.  At the beginning of the lessons, please bring your child to their teacher.  Once your child’s lesson has started, please sit back down.

There are lots of smaller changing rooms so if you can share; please do.  Once changed please bring your child’s bag onto the poolside with you to allow others to use the changing rooms after you. 

The changing rooms lead onto the poolside, please ensure that children stay with you and do not enter the water until their teacher has instructed them to do so.


There is a toilet with direct access from the poolside. Please only use this toilet and not the others around the building as they will have been cleaned and ready for the following day.


Parents are welcome to sit on the poolside; please be aware that the poolside area is extremely warm and there is limited seating.  You may want to wear thin layered clothing and bring a bottle of water.

Whilst waiting for swimming lessons and after the swimming lessons, please do not allow children to play in the water or around the poolside (on the handrails/steps etc.) as there are lots of hazards.

Please do not leave the building whilst your child is having their lesson.

No food is to be consumed inside the building on the poolside or in the changing rooms.


Please keep your child with you until it is time for their lesson.  We use back floats, arm discs and woggles (or noodles as some people call them!).  We also use floats and assorted toys depending on the activity.  We will provide all the equipment – all you will need to bring is swimming trunks/costume and a towel for you little ones.

After your lesson

Changing rooms are available after your lesson.  Please share changing rooms where appropriate.  Exit through the changing rooms before putting your shoes back on.  Please follow the arrows out of the building.


Payment can be made by Direct debit, bank transfer or cash (please put your fees into an envelope with your child’s name the day/time of the lesson and the date on).

To make a payment using your online banking facility, please use the following details…

Sort code:  09-01-28

Account number:  54200934

Please remember to use your child’s initial and surname as your reference e.g., for Jane Smith use “JSMITH”.

Thanks, Hayley

*If you have any questions I, Andre or Lucy will do my best to answer them at the time, but it may be awkward to do so if we are teaching, please feel free to drop me an email or give me ring*