Lessons during COVID-19

If you are unsure about the symptoms or what to do if someone you know contracts COVID-19, please visit the NHS COVID-19 page.

Find out how we’re putting in place safe working practices for your child’s swimming during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember, if you or any member of your household has symptoms of COVID-19 do not attend your child’s lesson and register for a COVID-19 test.

What we’re doing to help stop the spread…


We will be cleaning our equipment between our lessons adhering to guidance from the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, which informs pool operator procedures.

Pool layout

We will be changing our pool layout during lessons at all our venues, so your child’s lesson may take place at a slightly different place on the poolside. Don’t worry, our team will be on hand to point your child to the right place before lessons.

Staff training

We’ve put on training sessions for our staff to make sure they’re able to teach while adhering to social distancing. We’ve also put members of our team through training provided by the STA on how to manage our swim school during COVID-19. We’ll be making sure that there is a trained COVID-19 officer at all of our venues when lessons start in September.

We know COVID-19 is tough on everyone, but we hope with these steps we will be able to carry on swimming and return to normal as soon as possible. We’re incredibly grateful for your support during these trying times!

Hayley and team

Links to guidance we are following

The intended purpose for this document is to cover as many different swim school and swimming lesson scenarios as possible in line with the information the STA have to hand at the moment. We have carefully considered the sections from this guidance which applies to our swim school, and determine what control measures are reasonably practicable, and financially viable, for our swim school to implement in order to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks from COVID-19 in our swim school.

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We’ve implemented the guiding principles that Swim England have proposed for swimming schools in the UK, so we can work with our pool operators reducing the risk of COVID-19. This guidance has been produced in collaboration with experts from across the sector.

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