Beginner lessons during COVID-19

As it is important that we still socially distance we have decided that we will follow guidance and ask parents to be in the water with our beginners.  This will allow the children to feel supported in the water while allowing the teachers to socially distance from the pupils. 

The question has been asked ‘Surely this adds more bodies to the pool?’ but in this case the child and adult are classed as one unit socially distancing from other adult/child units and staff.  As we have reduced numbers so much, even adding an adult to the pool with each beginner we still have far less bodies in the water than we normally would.  We understand this is different to our usual approach and we can’t wait to be back in the water when it is safe to do so. 

This time spent with your children during their lessons allows you to be part of their swimming journey.  They will love the time they get to spend with you.

We have thought about some tips to help you and your child feel more confident during the lessons….

  1. Smile – If your children see you smiling they will feel more relaxed.
  2. As you come onto the poolside pack your robes and shoes into a bag and place in the storage provided.
  3. Move to one of the cones in your lesson area and sit with your feet in the water with your child next to you.
  4. The first lesson back will be more to do with getting used to the new environment, recapping safety rules and getting comfortable in the water again.
  5. We will be covering the safety rules again as it has been 6 months since the children had lessons.
  6. Getting in and out.  We would ask all parents to get into the water as we ask the children to teach them safe entry.  Both hands to one side, swivel and slide in slowly.  Once you are in you can put your child’s equipment on from the water and then encourage them to do a safe entry just like you did.
  7. The equipment we will be using is back floats, armbands, woggle.
  8. We will ask you to put the children’s back floats/armbands on your own child to avoid teachers getting too close.

9. Try to use the same wording as the teacher… On front -kicking legs, digging arms.  On back – look up at the ceiling, ears in the water, tummy up. Jumping in – toes on the edge, jump away from the wall, feet in first.

10. When we do jumping in, allow your child to jump to your arm to the side of you rather than straight at you.

11. When encouraging the children to swim on their front and put their chin in the water, get down to their level.

12. As your child is swimming you will need to move backwards so you are still facing your child.  We’re used to this but understand it’s a new environment for you. Although there is plenty of space between you and other adult/child units please check every so often that you are going the right way.

13. Getting out of the pool.  We would encourage each adult and child to get out of the pool by their cone rather than using the steps to reduce crossover with other adults/children.

14. Once the lesson is over please take off children’s equipment and leave neatly by your cone.  Exit the pool. Take your bag and proceed immediately to the changing rooms to get changed quickly.  Please leave the building as soon as you are changed.

15. There will be no showers available.

Please don’t worry if it seems like we are covering basic things.  As we have all been off for so long it is important that everyone is safe and comfortable for the rest of the course.